5 Steps to make the Best out of the Magento Meetups

Magento meet ups are always informational as well as it is a great opportunity for developers and other concerned parties to connect with each other. There are a lot of things to do and learn at these events,follow the blow mentioned steps to make the best out of a Magento Event.

  • Have Clear Agenda

It is important to know your goals before attending an event. Here are the few ways to do this:

1) Look at the agenda of the events and list out the “can’t miss” sessions.

2) Find out with whom you’d like to connect.

3) Identify that one thing you’d want to have a greater knowledge of. Ask yourself questions like what do you want to learn? What will make you feel that the event was worth your time?

  • Kick Start a Conversation with People

The connections that you make at these events are invaluable for moving yourself as well as your business forward. Take the initiative and Magento community will be the most welcoming and friendly bunch you will ever find, so walk up to people you would like to meet and introduce yourself and get their contact information for post-event connection via Twitter, email, or something else.

  • Write Down Vital Takeaways

Take a notebook to every meeting and event or type notes on your phone. The reason to do so is to concentrate on the takeaways that matter the most. Once you take notes, try to convert them into action steps.

  • Share With Your Team

Share your knowledge with your team via Slack or an internal meet up in your office. It is important as your learnings can help them as well as help you to decide how you can use the knowledge in the best possible manner.

  • Apply What You Learn

The best thing that you can do is to make a strategy for each key takeaway to make it relevant, realistic and refined for you and your team as well as your current and future project? The steps to do that are as follows:

  • What can I apply now?
  • What can I apply to my next project?
  • What can I start applying next year?

Thus, above were the 5 Steps to make the Best out of the Magento Meetups.