Enerpower is Irelands leading supplier of  Solar Panels Ireland or Solar PV Ireland  & Solar Panels for sale in Ireland.  They also specialise in supplying wood pellet boilers and biomass boilers.

If your business is looking to go green and install and wind powered turbines in order to cut your utility bills significantly.

GDPR – what you need to know

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new video website

We have created and launched a new responsive website for Colum Maguire director. This portfolio site is based on The vimeo API to allow high def video to be streamed with ease.



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Home & Gifts Ireland website launched

Home & Gifts Ireland, where you’ll find an en extensive range of gifts and small furnishings for the home. You’ll find leading brands such as, Mindy Brownes, Bonzallure Jewellery, Sass & Belle, Gionni handbags and purses, Irish Handmade Soap Company, COCO88 Jewellery among
many others. Our ethos is to offer our customers a modern and friendly online shop full of beautiful and affordable pieces to make a house a home and
create memories with friends and family with unique gifts for every occasion. ]

Digital Ideas developed a new Brand Identity and woo commerce website for this exciting new shop in Cavan.


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Visbot Malware- a Vital Threat to Magento based Online Stores

Attention! All the Magento users, the websites or Online Stores are often hit by a Malware named Visbot. It hides on web servers & steals credit card information then it will encrypt it, hide it inside an image and then it will send the encrypted credit card data to a crook’s servers thereafter.
Visbot was first discovered in late March 2015 by SnapFast, a hosting company. The malware has managed to keep a low profile because it is difficult to detect Visbot infections, and not many site owners have been successful in detecting anything wrong in the first place.
Visbot uses steganography to steal data
The encrypted data that is hidden inside an image file is done using a technique known as steganography, the technique to hide text-based data inside the image files. Visbot will then leave that image in some site’s public folders, and then the malware author will get access to those files at regular intervals from that folder. This is how they manage to hide from the eyes of the protectors.

Visbot usually hides stolen credit card data in an image with names that are mentioned below:

The Visbot author holds a private encryption key and when that key is combined with the public key, the author can then easily decrypt the data.
How to detect sites infected with Visbot?
Willem de Groot a security analyst for Byte.nl, the malware has an Achille’s heel. The site owners can detect Visbot by running the following Linux command:
“curl -LH ‘User-Agent: Visbot/2.0 (+http://www.visvo.com/en/webmasters.jsp;bot@visvo.com)’ \ http://your-site.com”
Or you can visit MageReport, a website that provides complete security checks for Magento based sites. Those who can’t access a Linux terminal can use MageReport to detect if their store is infected with Visbot or not.

Till now, there were 6,691 Magento stores infected with Visbot threat. The affected store owners are now being contacted.
Visbot can infect your website when a hacker gains access to the store, either by brute-forcing connections or by taking advantage of vulnerabilities built in unpatched websites. Thus, we advise all our clients to keep their Magento store up to date and also suggest to use strong passwords to avoid infections like Visbot or other credit card stealers.

PHP developer required

DigitalIdeas are expanding FIND OUT ROLE HERE

Christmas Opening Hours

Well the silly season is upon us again and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful clients and suppliers for their excellent work over the past year. We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. Digital Ideas have some new changes next year we are moving all of 500 mt to new office space. much bigger and we will share some photos in the new year once we have it furnished.

We are closed from today 19th of December  until January 5th 2015. If you have an urgent request you can contact Fiachra on 0876429579. Emergencies only please web developers are people too 😉

EU: 2015 Place of Supply Changes

From January 1st 2015, all digital goods (including electronic, telecommunications, software, ebook and broadcast services) sold across EU borders are liable under EU law to EU VAT (a.k.a. IVA) charged in the country of purchase, at the VAT rate in that country (background information: http://www2.deloitte.com/global/en/pages/tax/articles/eu-2015-place-of-supply-changes-mini-one-stop-shop.html. This applies even if the seller is not based in the EU, and there is no minimum threshold.


Contact digitalideas to ensure your site is able to cater for this

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Brightpearl Partnership

Digital Ideas has partnered with this very exciting company  BrightpearlGet all your orders, inventory, accounting, customer data and reporting together in one place.

Brightpearl handles the scale and complexity of a growing multi-channel retail business in a single, real-time system. Brightpearl is integrated with leading sales channels, carriers/shipping, logistics and marketing partners. With Brightpearl, all parts of your business are working together seamlessly.

Read more about what Brightpearl can do you for your business here

Brightpearl Partner Ireland